Roma Au Pair In&Out offers the following services to families, depending on their needs:

Au pair selection
An au pair is a boy or girl from a foreign country who happens to live in a family home, takes care of children, by supporting them in their effort to learn a foreign language and helps with some household  chores., In return for these services, the au pair is entitled to receive full room and board and a weekly pocket money; the amount of pocket money depends on the number of working hours per week (usually between 20 and 30 hours).  This range may increase under specific conditions, that must be previously discussed with the Association.

Tutor selection
A tutor is a young mother-tongue boy or girl who, in exchange for room and board, spends part of her/his time (about 15 hours a week, from Mondays to Fridays) on having a conversation with the family members in order to improve their language skills

Multi-lingual Baby-sitter selection
Such a baby-sitter is a person who does not live in the family home, can fluently speak the language requested by the family, cares for children on specific days according to an agreed timetable, and, in return for this, receives an agreed amount, which is variable depending on the kind of commitment at issue.

This is a service suitable for families who have, independently (i.e. without support from Roma Au Pair In&Out), identified an eligible applicant without intending to devote their time to an appropriate profile check. The service involves direct contact of the association with candidates, and subsequent check of their eligibility requirements, references, and documents. Roma Au Pair In&Out’s referent will then produce a final report. If the family decides to get in contact with the candidate and finally accept her as their au pair, Roma Au Pair In&Out will support the family until an agreement is signed between them.

If you are interested in any of the services listed above, simply download the corresponding form from “Download forms”, fill it and send it back to the Association by email.

After we have received your form, you’ll be contacted by Roma Au Pair In&Out to obtain any additional information you may need and the remaining documents, that have to be read and signed in order to become an associate.

Under no circumstances can the filling in of the downloaded form be considered as membership, unless the remaining documents are signed and given back to Roma Au Pair In&Out.