Before you host an au pair or a tutor, you must consider the fact that cultural exchange is not at all an employment characterized by subordination, where a host family can act as an employer.  Rather it is the case that an au pair or a tutor must be treated like a young relative, or a friend’s son, who temporarily moves in and becomes a family member.

Those who have already experienced the cultural exchange know that hosting a young person from a different culture does not limit its benefits to having someone who takes care of children, supports them in their effort to learn a foreign language and helps with some household  chores; it also creates a unique opportunity to enrich all the family members, by getting them acquainted with different the mores and customs. 

As a peaceful and happy cohabitation is based on a mutual agreement between the family members and their guest, Roma Au Pair In&Out lays great emphasis on making sure that candidates are endowed with characteristics necessary for harmonious integration into the host family context. Thus, on top of  language skills and experience in caring for children, candidates will be assessed in terms of their manners and attitudes, before introducing them to our associate families.

Here follow the main requirements for applying as a host family:
  at least one member who is under 18
  a room with for the exclusive use of the au pair