The idea of ​​setting up Rome Au Pair In & Out Association originated in a need for a creditable establishment whose aim was to provide unfailing services, and to stand by host families and young people throughout  the cultural exchange  program.

Our mission consists in facilitating and enhancing, in a secure manner, cultural exchanges between people with different backgrounds.

For this reason, and though the assistance of local agencies, which share with us their attention to every single stage of the process, we always support those young people who have decided to go abroad, as well as families wishing to host a young au pair in our country.

 We are also responsible for providing necessary information by following all the procedures involved in selection and mutual choice. On top of this, we offer full assistance and support both before and during our hospitality period, and we are always available to those who rely on our supportive and professional experience.

• Services provided for the Family

• Services provided for Young people