The Au Pair program is a project that can offer you  the opportunity to travel, explore another country, its language, and its culture while living in a protected environment of a host family, where you will be treated as a family member.

You will be provided with food and board and will receive a weekly pocket money in exchange for the availability to help your family in the care of children and some household  chores. This unique experience will allow you to become independent, improve your knowledge of a language, get experienced with a different culture, develop your cultural adaptability.

Once back home, this experience will result in a deeper self-awareness, which is the one of the most important basis to find your way in the world of work and of interpersonal relationships.

Requirements to become an au pair
The requirements to apply to the Au Pair program may differ from country to country, but generally an au pair should meet the following criteria:
• be between the age of 18 and 30 (for some destinations the age limits are different)
• depending on the country, apply for a period between three and twelve months
• not be married or have children in charge
• have no criminal record
• produce a medical certificate stating that you are physically and psychologically healthy
• have a well-documented experience of childcare.