Italy is a marvellous country known for its rich culture, mesmerising works of  art by great masters, picturesque nature, enthralling heritage, captivating music, celestial cuisine and much more.  Coming to Italy as an au pair is the best way of living “la dolce vita” and discovering its diverse culture.

Roma Au Pair In & Out is greatly demanded by families from all across the country, from big cities to small provinces. Therefore, you can opt for your own individual preferences in which the cultural exchange program will take place. During summer, you will accompany your host family to their holiday destination, and this way you will explore other breathtaking parts of our beautiful peninsula.

Each family is interviewed thoroughly and then, based on their characteristics and life style, we work to create the best match, according to your own characteristics and wishes, to ensure that both the host family and their guest can create a healthy rapport and enjoy this unique experience together.

During your stay you can contact us at any stage, as we are always available to see to whatever you may need to tell us, even if it simply means getting along with your new family, sending us photos of the most memorable moments you have with them.

When you arrive in Italy, you will receive a welcome pack from Roma Au Pair In & Out which includes, among other things, a small dictionary with the most common terms and phrases in our language, and the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), which will allow you to enjoy discounts at many shops, restaurants, museums and cafes.