A host family, in addition to guaranteeing board and lodging to an au pair, offers a weekly rate, (so called pocket money), which is determined decided together with the Association when applying as a host family, and which depends mainly on the number of working hours involved per week and must be approved by the Association.
Generally speaking, the pocket money in question is around € 50/60 for twenty hours a week, but an increase up to € 90-100 is conceivable if the period of help required is  30-35 hours a week.

During school time, whenever the children cannot attend classes for one reason or another, the au pair may be asked to stay with them all day long, and drop her language lessons. In this case, the au pair can make up for her lost free time on another day according to family needs; alternatively, she may receive an extra amount of money from her host family. This aspect of the agreement can be discussed at any time.

During summer holidays, if the au pair is requested to stay with children all day long, pocket money may increase up to € 110-120.  When long placements are involved, the pocket money offered either during school time and summer holidays must be specified in the Registration form.

Pocket money must be given during the two weeks’ notice.

Finally, it is important to note that under no circumstances can the agreed amount be reduced; otherwise, the au pair will be called back to the Association and placed with a different family.